this is a personal domain

This is my personal domain, used primarily for e-mail. Don't expect to find much web content here.

After the Boston Marathon tragedy, I decided to write up my my running story.

I'm also trying to run every street in my town.

My Personal Records:

Running Times

Upcoming Races:

Upcoming Races

Here's a graph of my running pace over time. My first race was the Pittsburgh 5K (the day before the 2011 Pittsburgh Marathon). Click on it to view it better.

In 2013, I set out to run 1000 miles for the year. Here's a graph of my progress over time. I flattened out in May-June because I had a stress fracture in my foot, but I caught up at the end of December and finished just over 1000 for the year. My goal for 2014 was to surpass my 2013 mileage. I didn't succeed (though the graph doesn't include the last 3 months of 2014, because I changed how I tracked my data).

Pittsburgh Half-Marathon 2012 results:

Pittsburgh Marathon 2013 results: