this is a personal domain

This is my personal domain, used primarily for e-mail. Don't expect to find much web content here.

After the Boston Marathon tragedy, I decided to write up my my running story.

I'm going to run the entire weekend of Pittsburgh Marathon 2021 events on my treadmill in the basement. To make this a less stupid idea than it sounds in my head, I'm doing it for charity. Donate to 412 Food Rescue

I'm also trying to run every street in my town. (Sort of putting this one on hold while I do the treadmill thing).

My Personal Records:

Running Times

Upcoming Races:

Upcoming Races

Here's a graph of my running pace over time. My first race was the Pittsburgh 5K (the day before the 2011 Pittsburgh Marathon). Click on it to view it better.

In 2013, I set out to run 1000 miles for the year. Here's a graph of my progress over time. I flattened out in May-June because I had a stress fracture in my foot, but I caught up at the end of December and finished just over 1000 for the year. My goal for 2014 was to surpass my 2013 mileage. I didn't succeed (though the graph doesn't include the last 3 months of 2014, because I changed how I tracked my data).

Pittsburgh Half-Marathon 2012 results:

Pittsburgh Marathon 2013 results: