this is a personal domain

This is my personal domain, used primarily for e-mail.  Don't expect to find much web content here.  If you're looking for me in a professional  capacity, you can find me over on LinkedIn.  


Running Stuff

I ran the entire weekend of Pittsburgh Marathon 2021 events on my treadmill in the basement.  (5K, Half-Marathon, and Marathon, for a total of 42.4 miles). To make this a less stupid idea than it sounded in my head, I did it for charity.  I'm proud to say that I raised over $3000 for 412 Food Rescue

In 2022, with the return to in-person racing, I ran the Inaugural BACK Half Marathon and raised (almost) $2000!

In 2023, I'm planning on running the BACK Half Marathon again!  If you'd like to support me and 412 Food Rescue, you can  donate here .  Thank you for your support!

You can follow my running on Strava and Athlinks.